Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Welcome to my blog. This is a new experience for me so I thought I would try this out.

I can not belive that I have been married to this great guy for almost 17 years. It is amazing how fast time goes when you're happy.

My Mothers Day Gift from some of the gang.

Kyle has grown up so fast. He went to band camp at Texas State University for a week. He was selected to be first chair in the Tuba section. He did a great job and learned a bunch.

He just returned from Scout camp where he earned a bunch of badges toward Eagle Scout. Since we have moved he has been very busy with camp or spending many hours at the pool hanging out with some new friend.s

Well we've been in Texas for 2 years now, and we have just moved into our 3rd house! We are by this time next year to be moved into our last and FINAL home!! (unless our kids decided to leave us again , but little do they know we've become proficient in tracking them down ha ha )

Jebadiah and Ashley with Zoe on her first day at church. I had the opportunity to be there at Zoe's birth. That was one of the most wonderful experiences I have ever had.

I also had the opportunity to make Zoe's blessing gown.

This is what happens when you watch too much Sesame Street!!!!

Jay is 5. What a big boy. Wish we could have been there to celebrate with Josh, Erica Cora and the special birthday boy Jay. We will have lots of fun when you come visit Nana the end of July.

( Erica, Cora , Jay , and Josh Bera)

Justin and Mindee have a house full. With the addition of Joshua that makes 5. What a blessing. 5 is a great number.

More of Nana's Pride & Joy!

Kaylee, my oldest grandchild just turned 8 and was baptized by her Dad the end of May. We were not able to attend it due to Grandpa's broken hip but we were there in spirit. What a wonderful day for all of them. Thank goodness Grandpa Bera was able to attend.

4th of July 2008. Lots of sunshine. When we went to Iowa in early April we had snow. I put in a speacial request and it was the greatest.

Judy and Kevin will be moving into their new home
the middle of July. They will only live about 5 mintues
from us. They will be married for 2 years August 5. Again time sure flies when you are happy and having fun.

I hope you enjoyed this first attempt to a blog. I will add info and pictures as they occur. I hope that you will have a fun summer.
Love Susan